Owner’s Engineer is a customer focused, objective oriented technical approach to monitor and report the topline of the project to various stake holders.

As an Owner's Engineer, we work as your technical consultant to make sure that you get the maximum out of your investment. We guide you through the complete process of project feasibility, financial analysis, bid process management, vendor finalization and supervision of project execution up till successful project commissioning along our strict quality parameters.

We expedite the development of the project by taking the role of a moderator and helping with conflict resolution between various participants, providing knowledge and knowhow where necessary, and helping with decision making at unclear junctions. We assist you in the following areas: 

Due Diligence

Site visit to analyze on ground conditions and relevant data collection including land available, soil stability, infrastructure required etc.

Simulation Studies

Calculation of solar PV array capacity, electricity generation and system losses at the pre-identified site after studying land shape and area, solar irradiation and meteorological data.

Choice of Technology

Detailed analysis and market scan of the available technology on the basis of access area availability and varied project requirements.

Project Schematics

·         Designing the complete system to minimize system losses, shading and dust effects.

·         Preparation of single line diagrams and power evacuation plans.

Report Preparation

Comprehensive Report Preparation giving technical, financial, time and other resource requirements for the project including preparation of detailed Bill of Material and Project Execution Plan.

Bid Management

Preparation of Request for Proposals and tender documents for appointment of equipment vendor and contractors.

Managing the complete Bidding process including bid evaluation, contract drafting and raising of Purchase Order.

Installation and Commissioning of the project


      Vetting of the design parameters of equipments and project layout.

·         Assistance in inspection of supply and erection of equipment at dispatch, during unloading and after execution.

·         Complete site supervision and management by deputing experienced engineers and staff at the project sites including site leveling, installation. of mounting structures, modules, inverters and other electrical equipment while ensuring health and safety.

·         Assistance in commissioning and Final Taking Over of the Project followed by collection of energy generation data.