Power Plant Certification

PV plant certification involves testing and certification procedures to ensure the quality, safety and performance of the plant as a whole as well as its components. This begins with a visual inspection by our experts to establish that the plant is built according to its documentation, continuing through a review of PV component quality and concluding with performance ratio analysis at the commissioning or operation phase.

PV power plant certification including

  • ƒƒCheck of energy yield predictions
  • ƒƒFeasibility check of planning
  • ƒƒInspection of components
  • ƒƒPerformance testing of modules in the lab
  • ƒƒSafety related acceptance tests
  • ƒƒVerification against technical specifications
  • ƒƒFunctional testing and measurements of PV strings
  • ƒƒThermographic analysis
  • ƒƒInspection of mounting systems
  • ƒƒFollow-up inspections