Solar Chargers for Mobile, I-pod & Laptop

We offer solar portable power packs for a wide range of applications. These products are available in different capacities to meet various portable power requirements. They are highly durable, efficient and have a great performance.


  1. Effective: Compared to the other mobile chargers, the solar chargers are cost effective as it absorbs power from the sun. It does not require electric power.
  2. Versatile: It is also known to be versatile as it can be used for all types of mobile phones.
  3. Uninterrupted Power Supply: One of the greatest advantages of solar mobile phone charger is that it can be used to charge mobiles even during power outages.
  4. Save Electric power: Mobile phones consume a large part of electricity, with the use of solar powered mobiles and chargers; it is quite easy to save electric power to a large extent.
  5. Emergency Purposes: Another benefit is that it hardly requires any electrical outlet. It can therefore be used during emergencies and outdoor purposes.
  6. Compact Designs: Solar mobile phone chargers are compact in size and easy to carry around.