Solar Wind Hybrid Street Light

Solar and Wind (Hybrid) Street Lighting Systems are highly efficient and reliable and suitable for areas with good wind velocities.

We have tip up with world leaders for wind turbines, Solar modules and balance of systems ensuring high quality, reliability and service support at aggressive prices.

Product Description

  1. Direction(Looking down wind) Counterclockwise
  2. Location relative to tower Upwind
  3. Over Speed Protection Auto Furl
  4. Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
  5. Blade Material Nylon
  6. Blade Quantity 3
  7. Efficiency 85%
  8. Suggested Battery Capacity Lead Acid
  9. System Controller and Inverter
  10. Standard Supply Scope Wind turbine generator system including turbine, hub, controller, off grid inverter, blades, tower and other accessories.
  11. Turbine Life Span Around 20 years under normal wind conditions