Solar Wind Hybrid System

A solar and wind hybrid system is a perfect choice to exploit both the sun and wind resources. You might worry about a long winter or frequent rainy days or in -continuous wind in your region, but a hybrid system could just solve your concerns. It brings to you a good solution for providing a balanced supply of power throughout the year. We design the optimal hybrid system for you based on your solar insolation and wind resources, for you to benefit from Mother Nature, with very little maintenance for the life of the plant and giving you the lowest LCOE(Levalised Cost Of Energy).


  1. Village electrification
  2. Resorts/Hotels power supply
  3. Schools and Colleges
  4. Hospitals
  5. Health centers & Public health centers
  6. Farms,
  7. Government buildings
  8. Telecommunication towers in remote areas
  9. and various Industrial and commercial applications