Turnkey On-Grid Implementation

We offer total Turnkey solutions for On-Grid Solar 250kw to Mw level

The Scope of Work

The scope of work shall be as follows:-

A) Pre-Feasibility Cum Detailed Project Report (PFR cum DPR)
  1. Solar radiation Resource Assessment uses sophisticated industry standard software, satellite data, and interpolation using Numerical Method techniques with the Site Data.
  2. Analysis and calculation of probable Energy Output along with the basis and theory of calculation.
  3. Suggestion, Description and recommendation of possible vendors of different components both from India and Abroad.
  4. Current description of Indian and World Energy Scenario, the RPO implications, need for the project, social benefits and the positive impact on the Environment.
  5. System Design of all components to maximize system efficiencies and output rating using 'Series Parallel combination Technique'.
  6. Detailing of Operation & Maintenance guidelines, scope and implementation procedures.
  7. Detailed financial analysis with projection of twenty five year cash flows along with sensitivity analysis. This will form the basis for project appraisal during debt financing.
  8. Comprehensive Comparison of all technologies available in the market, their potential, achievements, merits, De-merits along with justification for selected technology.
  9. Detailed Engineering drawing, system layout, power evacuation detailing and arrangement.
  10. Detailed specifications of all components, as per relevant Indian and International standard codes, their expected costing.
  11. Effects of using tracking systems (both manual and automatic) on the performance of the overall system. Cost-benefit analysis using different combinations and the final selection cum justification of the best suited technology.
B) Power Evacuation (PE) System Planning
  1. PE system planning to include identification of a nearest existing power evacuation (PE) option (interconnection point) with the State Transmission Utility (STU) at the voltage level of 33/132 kV or a higher voltage and which is not a distribution sub-station
  2. Preparation of a PE scheme: Schematic diagram along with technical specification from Solar PV Project pooling station to receiving Grid Sub-station in consultation with and after obtaining the prior written approval of CLIENT before submission to the state department.
  3. Follow-ups for securing technical acceptance of the proposed PE scheme by the STU.
C) Preparation and Execution of Tender
  1. Drafting of a comprehensive RFS for inviting Contractors/Suppliers for submitting their budgetary offers for execution of the project.
  2. Execution of the bidding process and negotiating along with the client.
  3. Preparation of specifications, tender document for the proposed 1 MW Solar power plant installation.
  4. Execution of the tender, analysis of quotations and a comparative overview.
  5. Comparing different technologies suitable for different conditions.
  6. Using the already strong relationship and contact in the industry to vouch for the best available technology and pricing.
  7. Technical evaluation of the offers submitted by various parties to ensure their completeness and compatibility as per the requirements.
  8. Preparation of simulation results, carried out based on irradiance data of selected site location
  9. Approval of quality plan of the vendor
  10. Review/Approval of all the Equipment Drawings related to Solar PV Power Plant
  11. Finalization of the Contractor and the Contract.
D) Supervising the procurement and inspection of all materials and ensuring quality
  1. Supervising Procurement of components and certifying the factory make as an independent inspector.
  2. Our Engineers shall serve on the site to ensure quality and timely procurement of all materials as per specifications in the original contract.
  3. Supervising erection and installation of various components such as modules, inverters, mounting structures, transformers etc.
  4. Review/Approval of all Site Execution Drawings/Documents related to Electrical & Civil
  5. Ensuring third party verification of all certificates, standards.
  6. The Procurement and inspection consultancy shall cover the following scope of work as a standard for a MW scale grid interactive power plant.

The Scope of Supply

  1. Solar Photovoltaic Modules
  2. Module Mounting Structure
  3. Junction Boxes
    1. Array Junction Box
    2. Main Junction Box
  4.  Inverters
  5.  SCADA System
  6.  L.T.Panel
  7.  Transformer
  8.  Switchyard
  9.  Metering
  10.  Plant Lightning Protection
  11.  Earthing System
  12.  Cables-DC & AC
  13.  Stand alone Solar PV System for the plant
  14.  Peripheral Lighting System
  15.  Control Desk
  16.  Fire Fighting and alarm Systems

List of technical specs to be provided

S.No. Title / Description Document Type Area (Civil /
Electrical / Structural
/ I&C / Architectural)
Drawing / Document
Classification (For
Customer Approval
/ Information)
1. Transformer Technical Specification Technical Specification Electrical Information
2. Plant Auxiliary Load Details Technical Specification Electrical Information
3. Module Purchase Specification Electrical  
4. Inverters Purchase Specification Electrical  
5. Array Junction Box Purchase Specification Electrical  
6. String Combiner Box Purchase Specification Electrical  
7. Cable Purchase Specification Electrical  
8. Connectors Purchase Specification Electrical  
9. LT / HT System Purchase Specification Electrical  
10. Lightning & Surge Protection Systems Purchase Specification Electrical  
11. Earthing System Purchase Specification Electrical  
12. Civil Works Purchase Specification Civil  


E) Engineering, Construction management, Installation and Commissioning

  1. Planning, basic and detailed engineering of the entire system.
  2. Preparation of the drawings and documents for the execution of the project, proof checking vendor drawings and incorporating them in the system for optimal yield.
  3. Approval of all interconnection systems
  4. Scheduling and ensuring the timely completion of the project, including detailed engineering, procurement, erection activities at site, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities
  5. Review, supervision and responsibility of work at site during the course of project execution
  6. Supervising the construction and installation of the procured material.
  7. Supervising and ensuring the electrical and civil installations as per the approved drawings.
  8. Submitting progress reports for the work under process at the site including procurement and construction activities.
  9. Supervising and ensuring Grid line construction.
  10. Representing the company at fortnightly status report meetings in the state government departments.
  11. Preparation and submission of timely progress reports to the company and respective departments.
  12. The following scope of installation and commissioning shall be covered by us and certified for validation:

Scope of Engineering Activities:

S.No. Title / Description Document
Area (Civil / Electrical /
Structural / I&C /
1. SPV Master Plan / Layout Drawing Electrical
2. SPV Marking Drawing Drawing Electrical
3. Single Line Diagram AC Side Drawing Electrical
4. Single Line Diagram DC Side Drawing Electrical
5. Plant Street Lighting Layout Drawing Electrical
6. Cable Trench Schematic Drawing Electrical
7. Cable Routing Drawing Electrical
8. Plant Earthing Layout Drawing Electrical
9. General Arrangement of Earth Pit Drawing Electrical
10. General Arrangement Drawing - LT Panel Drawing Electrical
11. General Arrangement Drawing - HT Panel Drawing Electrical
12. General Arrangement Drawing - Transformer Drawing Electrical
13. General Arrangement Drawing - Inverter Drawing Electrical
14. Soil Investigation & Topography Report Drawing Civil
15. Boundary Wall Drawing Drawing Civil
16. Building Plan for Inverter Room Drawing Architectural
17. Building Plan for Transformer Yard Drawing Architectural
18. Building Plan for Admin Block-cum-Control Room Drawing Architectural
19. U.G. Sump Drawing Architectural
20. Septic Tank / Soak Pit Drawing Drawing Architectural
21. Plan Indicating Location of Pathways, Roads & / Drains Drawing Architectural
22. Water Supply Storage & Distribution System Schematic Drawing Civil
23. Drains and Hume Pipe for Surface Drain Crossing & Cable Crossings Drawing Architectural
24. Excavation, Foundation, Columns & Plinth Beam Details for Inverter Room & Transformer Yard Drawing Civil
25. Excavation, Foundation, Columns & Plinth Beam Details for Admin / Control Room Building Drawing Civil
26. Ground Floor Slab & Beams of Inverter Room Drawing Civil
27. Ground Floor Slab & Beams of Admin Building Drawing Civil
28. Floor Details for All Buildings Drawing Structural
29. Approach Ramp Details for All Building Drawing Structural
30. Security Block - Structural Details for Floor & Foundations Drawing Structural
31. Module Mounting Structure Foundation Details Drawing Civil
32. Cable Trench Details Drawing Civil
33. Structural Drawing for Foundation of Vertical Post & Chain Link Mesh Drawing Civil
34. Water Supply Storage & Distribution System - Execution Drawing Drawing Civil
35. Internal Road, Surface Drain Layout Plan & Section Drawing Civil
36. Module Mounting Structure Drawing Drawing Structural
37. Roads & Drains - Indicating the Slope & Cross Section of Roads & Surface Drains Drawing Civil

Scope Of Installation & Commissioning

1. Electrical Works
  1. Interconnection of Solar PV Modules on module mounting structure
  2. Cabling from module array to array junction box (AJB)
  3. Cabling from AJB to main junction box (MJB)
  4. Cabling from MJB to Inverters
  5. Cabling from inverter to LT panel
  6. Cabling from transformer to HT panel/switchyard
  7. Control room wiring and cabling of air conditioners
  8. Installation & commissioning of standalone solar PV system for the plant
  9. Grid evacuation

2. Civil works related to I & C :
  1. Erection and fixing of module mounting structure (including mounting legs)
  2. Fixing the module on module mounting structure
  3. Laying of cable trenches in the field
  4. Laying the cables in the Inverter control room
  5. Foundation for laying inverters
  6. Foundation for LT panel
  7. Foundation for Transformer
  8. Switchyard Platforms
Note: Site supervision services are on chargeable basis.
  1. Site Development - site leveling
  2. Water wells in the site
    1. Bore wells
    2. O.H. Tanks
    3. Water Piping, etc.
  3. Roads and pathways
  4. Compound Wall with fencing
  5. Control room building with office room and store room
  6. Security room

  1. Solar PV Modules maintenance - water cleaning
  2. Electrical maintenance of the Inverters/SCADA system.
  3. Monitoring and logging of the data


  1. Solar radiation resource assessment to analyze the power potential, annual generation, viability of the project.
  2. Comprehensive comparative analysis, quotations, tender documents, and technology tieups with the vendors. The activity will be done for both Indian and Foreign vendors whose experience, capabilities, feedbacks will be mapped out.
  3. Detailed Engineering Drawings, map layouts, system design and time schedules of different processes
  4. All technical and purchase specifications
  5. Local monitoring teams to carry out complete Construction-Erection-Commissioning supervision services and carry out operation & Maintenance of the plant based on guaranteed generation based model.
  6. A performance ratio guarantee shall be given to the client based on the simulation results and in case of failure to meet it, client shall have right to levy penalties of equivalent amount.
  7. Operation & Maintenance Contract shall be signed separately for 5 years duration. The details and scope for O&M will be covered in that contract.